Who we are

Halalube® is the registered trademark of Sumber Petroleum Cemerlang Sdn. Bhd., 100% Malaysian-owned Company established since 1989. We are a licensed & ISO 9001 certified lubricants manufacturer, importer and marketer.

Halalube®is the 1st 100% Malaysian Brand HALAL certified and internationally registered H1 Food Grade High Performance Lubricants. These lubricants are certified SAFE for direct incidental contact with food stuffs and beverages during its manufacturing & packaging processes.

We intent to market Halalube®products to all food & beverages related industries, edible oil, and pharmaceutical & personal care industries in Malaysia & Worldwide.

Malaysia, being one of the most reputable food producers and exporters for HALAL certified food products, the marketing of Halalube certified food grade lubricants is in line with the Government long-term plans on the development of its domestic food processing and supporting industries

HALAL certified products are widely accepted as the safest and most hygienic products available in the market.

No animal fat or animal oil is used in any of Halalube® products formulation;
What does HALALUBE offer you?

Halalube®supplies a comprehensive range of Food Grade Lubricants including Compressor and Vacuum Pump Oils, Gear Oils, Hydraulic Fluids and Greases. We also offer a number of speciality products to complete the portfolio. Our engineers are constantly working on product formulation so that what we sell is not only top of the line but also always state of the art.

Halalube® production and packaging processes and facilities are certified under ISO 9001: 2008 and the stringent requirement of ISO 21469:2006 which specifies hygiene requirements for the formulation, manufacture, use and handling of lubricants subject to incidental food contact.

Why do we invest all this effort? Because we want our customers to rest assured that they are receiving not only a safe product which protects the end user, but also a high quality lubricant ensuring undisturbed machine use over a long operating lifespan.